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Michael Allman band headlines at The Lucky13 PCB Friday night, and comes prepared to party with all of you! That's right, Michael and his band are bringing their own personal style of music and jam to one of the rockinest places on the beach here in Panama City Beach, during the fall rally! And you're in for a treat because the concert is absolutely FREE here at The Lucky 13 PCB!

So bring your friends, and get ready to throw down, stomp your feet and get busy to some good ol' Southern Rock 'n Roll with us! Don't forget to book rooms early and collect your discount at Emerald View Resorts-Use the code: "Lucky" to receive savings during booking at all properties!

About Michael

Michael Allman is the 1st born son of Legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member of the Allman Brothers, Greg Allman. Michael’s bluesy soulful voice and look is very reminiscent of his father in his prime! Michael has shared the stage with many well-known artists through the years and continues to put smiles on the faces of his fans every time he gets on stage and starts belting out the sounds. “Hard Labor Creek” - If Michael’s evocative singing was the only attraction on Michael Allman’s Hard Labor Creek, it would still be worth hearing, but there is a lot more going on than that. Some of the most gifted musicians in Georgia, from young slide guitar phenom Tony Tyler to Motown alumnus and keyboard legend Ike Stubblefield, contribute to the overall sound of this remarkable record. Tyler’s slide and keyboard work are an essential part of the sound of Hard Labor Creek, adding just the right touch without overpowering the song. Stubblefield kicks serious butt here, showing why he is a first-call session player, and his production contribution is one reason this CD sounds so darn good. Soulful backing vocals by Atlanta local favorite Diane Durrett and percussion from Derek Trucks Band drummer Yonrico Scott flesh out the songs. The one and only Col. Bruce Hampton also makes a memorable cameo appearance. While Michael Allman’s Hard Labor Creek stands on its own merits, he isn’t ashamed of his heritage, and there are several references to his famous father. “Laid Back” written by Sonny Tackett, was inspired by Gregg’s classic album of the same name. “If Dreams Were Money” was actually written for Gregg years ago by veteran Boston musician Bruce Marshall. Still, the spotlight is firmly on Michael, who wrote four of the songs on the CD, and delivers each tune with the kind of thoughtful approach that squeezes the inner meaning out of every word. The lyrics in songs like “Running Alone Again”, “It Ain’t Me” and “Circus Full of Clowns” address universal topics like love and loss in a way that any listener can relate to.

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